System message improvements

  • Significantly improved rendering performance of the system message
    The system is still being worked on and resizing and scrolling functionalities are limited at this time.
    The effect of this change, however, resolves frame drops primarily resulting from system message text changes, as well as GBM/ABM inconsistencies.
    System message functionality is planned to be restored 100% within roughly a week

Other fixes

  • Teleport setup is no longer shown as war in progress on the world map for defenders
  • Fixed issues with buying items with glows via the Trade Center
  • Items with glows now show the glow color on preview in the Trade Center
  • Fixed neutral name colors showing in all maps
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when hovering armor glows in the factory
  • Fixed the recipe to transform beginner boss equipment into level 115 equipment
Author Future
Published on 2019-11-25 03:09