• Fixed the nation monster event (winter war) monsters not respawning
  • Added nation monsters UI health bar during nation monster kill event
  • Reverted Sheep boss size increase due to buggy "void glitch"
  • Removed Pandea A/B, Orina Peninsula, Crystal Cave, Nubarke Cave from automatic NKE map list. Den A and B are currently staying after positive feedback about NKE in these maps.
  • Bubble effect performance improvement
  • Fixed the descriptions of some items
  • Increased the \cANI Snowman\c and \eBCU Snowman\e survivability
  • Fixed the \yBanana Candy Cane\y to have -10% SP consumption instead of -1000%
  • Adjusted the 94 BG engine stats to match it with the others
  • Added \cWinter Snowflake\c and \cWinter Snowball\c as a reward for daily PvP quests (Tier 1 = 20 each, Tier 2 = 40 each, Tier 3 = 60 each)
  • Increased the \cWinter Snowflake\c and \cWinter Snowball\c drop rate from the event monsters
Author Arch
Published on 2020-01-29 00:43