• The count of mission monsters is now highlighted (green if fulfilled, red if missing)

  • Guild and formation members will not show on the minimap on FFA maps anymore

  • Default formation minimum level is 1 from now on

  • Doubled Boss item drop rates from unknown gears

  • Added pierce/prob rapiers to CRP shop

  • Added Thanksgiving/Stuffed turkeys to CRP/WP shop

  • Added missing hyper defense/evasion card to ANI WP shop

  • Increased Killmark-Wp reward

The following are tested changes done to gear balance and can change if required:

  • Bgear advanced def/eva reduced by 5%
  • Bgear abm/gbm now takes away -5% pierce(before was -10%)
  • Restored Bgear ABM proxy from 40 to 45
  • Agear barrier duration reverted to 10 secs
  • Agear def-siege defense reduced to 17%
Author Future
Published on 2018-09-10 00:56