Boss changes

To provide a proper challenge the bosses have been reworked.

Tier 1 bosses will use one IF debuff.

Tier 2 bosses got enhanced regeneration/HP and will use 1 IF skill.

Tier 3 and 4 bosses got enhanced regeneration/HP/Damage and will use 2 IF skills twice.

> All ep3 bosses can be found in Vatallus Laboratory once more.

> The remaining respawn time of all bosses can be seen through the boss tracker in the community window where the chat-rooms used to be.

> Mission map bosses in the boss list will drop the same loot as the original bosses including boss items.

> Bosses will drop boss token capsules depending on their tier e.g. a tier 3 boss will drop 3 boss token capsules.

> Boss token capsules will drop to all the participants and give 1-10 tokens on opening.

> Most rare drops obtained from bosses can be dissolved in to boss tokens.

> Boss tokens can be used to buy rare items in the boss token shop in the nation capital and are required to finish the boss token collection quests.

Current Custom Bosses:

Bishop orange/green --> G-ark

Lord Kreacia --> Kreacias lair
Author Void
Created 2018-07-19 17:33
Updated 2018-08-24 13:23