• Fixed outpost buffs
  • Outpost buff adjustments
    • All outpost buffs will give a 5% damage boost on std. and adv. weapons
    • 10% discount on all items of the war point shop (WP capsules excluded)
    • 20% discount on all items of the Killmark shop
    • +200% on earned war points (adds to other bonuses)
    • 30% discount on all items in the Boss Token and Gold Coin shops


  • Added Random Boss Weapon Capsules and Random Boss Armor Capsules into all tier bosses
  • Slightly increased the drop rate of boss weapons and boss armors
  • Overworked boss drops, bosses are now able to drop E10-E12 Hyper Protect Cards, 50-70% Enchant Chance Cards, Level 90+ Legend Weapons, Boss Transformation Cards, Legend Weapon Crystals, Legendary Gamble Capsule Fragments and IF Charms. The higher the boss tier the better the drop rate for each item.
  • Tier 1 bosses are able to drop 1.000 - 10.000 war point capsules
  • Lowered the HP of tier IV bosses by 20%
  • Lowered the HP of tier III bosses by 15%
  • Lowered the HP of tier II bosses by 10%


  • MS item & WP rewards are only given on active war maps at the time the MS war ends
  • Teleport item & WP rewards are only given on the killer nation's war maps
  • Fixed MS tokens occasionally not dropped
  • Fixed drops of 0 items resulting in inventory bugs after a won MS


  • Added Eldorado Metropolis to warp shop
  • Added event map portals. Kinda like a town portal which will warp you to an event map
  • Item info will now show more skill requirements or restrictions (e.g. FFA restricted, duel restriced, ...)
  • Current leader candidate vote points will no longer be shown during an election
  • Refilled CRP shop items
Author Future
Published on 2019-05-13 01:47