Winter Event:

  • Introducing the new Winter event map, Frostbite City
  • Enabled event killmarks
  • Frostbite city has normal mobs, a boss and two special Winter war event bosses
  • New unique Winter event armors with special stats that are ONLY obtainable during the event
  • New unique Winter Event Wings available ONLY during the event by combining 250 Sheep's killmark in factory

Winter War Event:
Introducing a new event, Winter War. Once the event starts on one of the new Winter event maps (FrostBite City) two NPCs \cANI Snowman\c and \eBCU Snowman\e, one for each nation, will spawn. Each nation can only shoot the opposite nations NPC and while you can shoot the NPC by normal means, you can now also do the followings:

  • Killmarks will can now damage and heal the NPC/mobs
  • Each kill a player makes contributed in healing the NPC of their own nation while also damaging the NPC of the other nation
  • The HP regained and damage done per killmark have a 2:1 ratio. For example each killmark will regain 2% HP of your NPC, while damaging the enemy NPC by 1%.
  • The event has a separate personal kill counter (similar to the NKE ones)
  • The event has a time limit of 60 mins, after which the winner is decided
  • The winner of the event is decided by comparing the "Contribution Number" and the nation with the higher CN will be the winner. The Contribution Number is calculated by taking into consideration the: HP gained with killmarks + damage dealt with killmarks + a small part of damage dealt with shooting the NPC directly

    Gear balance:
  • Increased Ground Bombing Mode pierce to +5%
  • Increased MG standard Defense and Evasion up by +2.47%
  • Increased IG standard Evasion by +3%
  • Decreased Advanced Revival Guarder [E] evasion by -5%
  • Final \cSiege mode\c now has -5% advance and standard Defense and -2.5% standard range on activation
  • Final \cAir Siege\c now has -2.5% advance defense and -2.5% standard range on activation
  • IG Defense up (advance and standard) has been decreased by -20%
  • Decreased CS/permafrost's accuracy by 5%

Quality of life:

  • All the maps now have a daysky and nightsky rotation of 2 hours
  • \yBark City\y now has less fog and players and objects are easier to spot
  • SP spawn system reworked, spawns are now way more random instead of being repetitive
  • Nation kill event (NKE) is now automated. Three NKEs every 24h at random times to ensure time zone unbiasedness with a kill-count that varies from 300-600 kills
  • Nation kill event (NKE) is now time limited that varies from 40-60 mins to be precise.
  • 50k Warpoint capsule recipe. 50x of 1k warpoint capsules = 1x of 50k Warpoint capsule
  • Recipe to turn last year Snowman killmarks into this year "Sheep's" killmark (1x Snowman killmark + 1x Iron = 1x Sheep's killmark)
  • Leader marks are now high quality
  • Added "Dragon's blessing" item. Dragon's blessing allows one to craft e13 hyper eprots by combining 5x e12 hyper eprot + 1 Dragon's blessing = 1x e13 hyper enchant protection card
  • Dragon's blessing can be crafted with Dragon's blessing fragments (10x blessing fragments = 1x blessing) and are dropable from: Winter War Event rewards, Tier 1,2,3 and Weekly PVP quests
  • Added a recipe to make e12 hyper enchant protection cards (7x e11 = 1x e12)

    N.B: Gear balance changes and killmarks' impact on Snowmen HP are subject to change if needed

ChromeRivals Services Upgrades

Ver. - Released on 2020/01/01

Ver. - Released on 2020/01/02

  • Prettier patchnote content formatting / Markdown parsing
  • Add Character/gear playtime to Account
  • Register: PW Requirements updated & Infobox & better length validation
  • Register: Username restrictions
  • Lots of Cleanup & Best practices
  • SEO & Meta enhancements
  • Login Captcha will only load once the box opened
  • Possibility to display images in patchnotes
  • Minor fixes/adjustments
  • FB integration hidden

Ver. - Released on 2020/01/15

  • Accounts with expired bans will now show on ranking again
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