Frostbite City and NME/Winter war event

  • Increased the drop rates of every NPC in Frostbite city for the last bit of the event
  • Frostbite City NPC changes: \cSnowman\c NPC removed and added "goldie" versions for it instead, Winter Sheep (boss) re-spawn time reduced to 4 hours instead of 5, readjusted the normal mobs respawn to create "grinding spots", slightly decreased the fog distance
  • Fixed the ANI and BCU Snowmen, related to the Winter event/NME, positions in \cFrostBite City\c
  • Frostbite City reworked: More overall space for PvP and PvE, less fps issues caused by unnecessary objects, changed the pads location, lowered the warps, Xmas tree in the middle removed
  • Increased the ANI and BCU Snowman's HP while evasion and defense got decreased


  • Fixed the gingerbread cookie and house values
  • Adjusted Bloody arrows accuracy to match Cold Storms
Author Future
Published on 2020-02-27 12:01