• Fixed several weapon effects, marks, other visual loading errors
  • Fixed stealth cards stacking and breaking
  • Fixed broken Teleports on Rock Nest and Moon maps
  • Fixed the Boss Armor Recipes.
  • Added an Event Shop into the Nation Cities

Halloween Event is starting with this patch
-> Event Map "Burning Halloween Castle" is accessible for both nations via Warp Shop
-> The Map of the Opposite Nation is reachable through your own Nations Event Map. You can either farm Event Items or PVP with Enemy Players.
-> Every Kill of an Enemy will drop 1x "Event Killmark" besides the normal Killmark.
-> "Event Killmarks" are the Currency used in the Event Shop.
-> "Event Killmarks" are craftable with "Event Killmark Fragments" which drop on the Event Map.
-> Every Hour the Boss "Tree Stump Monster" will spawn, which contains pretty nice loot including Custom Halloween Event Weapons. Halloween Event Weapons are equivalent as Boss Weapons. The "Tree Stump Monster" is also able to drop Halloween Armors. Which are equal to Final Slot Armors with an 100% Drop Rate Boost.
-> Custom Halloween Event Weapons are upgradeable with a "Scary Upgrade Card" which is buyable in the Event Shop. The Upgrade Chances are equal to Boss Weapons.
-> The Event will end on 1.11.18 combined with an CRP Discount.
PS. Activate your Ingame Music on the Event Map

Author Arch
Published on 2018-10-17 22:54