!!!!! Engine Update !!!!!
We've spent the past 2 months updating the game engine to later standards, in fact, the latest that don't require a re-write of the entire game.
As such, this is the first big update which yields a significant performance improvement for everyone. You heard right, first. There are more to come.
What comes with this update as well is:

  • Significantly improved performance in all game departments
  • Far less / no more crashes during dense war (MS, SPs) situations / warping
  • Updated graphics initialization, choosing the best rendering settings depending on the hardware
  • New city character rendering / shadowing (performance boost)
  • Updated memory handling, allowing for more efficient usage of memory resources
  • Full upgrade(!) of DirectX to the latest released version 9.0c
  • Multiple effect rendering related fixes (less crashes, less weird shit)
  • Numerous fixes of small things that can get the client stuck in an infinite exception chain when booting up
  • Small warehouse rendering related fixes
  • DirectX installation available in the launcher at any time

However, because we value the improved performance a lot more than tiny bugs, these are known issues right now that will be fixed within the next couple of days:

  • The character glow is currently out of order
  • The glow on armors is not as intense as it could / should be
  • The "Barbatos" character has see through glasses

Please refrain from reporting these, we know what's up.

Author Future
Published on 2018-10-27 22:20