• Runtime upgrade
  • Reduced system memory usage through dynamic runtime library access
  • Fixed game window size in windowed mode not fitting selected resolutions on Windows 10
  • Fixed the mouse area restriction to the game window not working occasionally
  • Fixed mouse getting stuck on window borders causing endless or no weapon shooting while mouse restriction is activated
  • Improved PNG screenshot conversion performance


  • New smart launcher requirement installer (please make sure to follow the instructions on first launch after this update carefully)
  • Greatly improved launcher responsiveness during web outages
  • Fixed the launcher being inaccessible sometimes after patches
  • Fixed numerous patching related issues


  • Re-enabled def/eva Ragings for M-Gears in FFA [until further reworks]


  • Fixed time limited quests failing while paused
  • Fixed water height on FFA maps (currently misaligns with outside map)
  • Enabled WH withdraw on 5 day membership tickets
  • Flipped SPI/WP dropdown order in auction house
  • Made NGC maps accessible during outpost even if SP/MS are running
  • Removed type selection from the arena waiting room
  • Fixed Active Armor Glows not getting transferred into Arena/IF
Author Future
Published on 2019-01-09 19:15