Halloween Event

For this year's Halloween Event (2022) we have a brand new map with new mobs for everyone to explore, Malformed Atlantis! (Check out the new background music in the new maps)

  • Added 3 variations of Malformed Atlantis (ANI/BCU/Neutral) with subtle differences

  • Added 2 new very difficult bosses to the event map with enhanced drops and rewards relevant to Event Quests

  • Added 5 new weapons into the game; 1 B/M/I STD and 4 gear specific ADV weapons

  • Added Ancient Weapon Remnant Alpha/Beta/Gamma as materials to construct the new weapons. These materials will be available in the Halloween Event as well as the Crystal Weapon Shop

  • Ancient Weapon Remnants will function similar to the previous SPELL/DARK SEAL cards in which fragments are used to create a completed item

  • Ancient Weapon Remnant recipes: 20x Ancient Weapon Remnant Alpha + 20x Ancient Weapon Remnant Beta + 20x Ancient Weapon Remnant Gamma = Ancient Weapon Vessel (50%)
    Note: You can incorporate an Ancient Matter into the mix to improve the success rate.
    -4x Ancient Weapon Remnant Gamma = 1x Ancient Weapon Remnant Alpha
    -4x Ancient Weapon Remnant Alpha = 1x Ancient Weapon Remnant Beta
    -4x Ancient Weapon Remnant Beta = 1x Ancient Weapon Remnant Gamma

  • Weapon Recipes:

  • 1x Ancient Weapon Vessel + 150x A-Type Datacube (YELLOW) + 1x Bishops Strength = 1x Dismeight

  • 1x Ancient Weapon Vessel + 150x A-Type Datacube (PURPLE) + 1x Ordin Strength = 1x Hellwing

  • 1x Ancient Weapon Vessel + 150x A-Type Datacube (BLUE) + 1x Gigantic Gods Strength = 1x TT-GM-C

  • 1x Ancient Weapon Vessel + 150x A-Type Datacube (GREEN) + 1x Skadis Strength = 1x O.R.C.A.

  • 1x Ancient Weapon Vessel + 150x A-Type Datacube (RED) + 1x Egma Schills Strength = 1x Kyanitehail

Note: If needed these weapons will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Past Halloween Event Items Witch's Hat, Frog Legs, etc will now be usable to craft SPELL and DARK SEAL cards.

  • Completed SPELL Card: 500x Frog Legs + 500x Witch Hats + 500x Crow Eyes = 1x SPELL Card (80%)

  • Completed DARK SEAL Card: 400x Frog Legs + 400x Witch Hats + 400x Crow Eyes = 1x DARK SEAL (80%)

  • SPELL and DARK SEAL will be returning as drops from the event mobs and bosses

    • SPELL/DARK SEAL letters will have a chance of dropping from Event Goldies
    • Completed SPELL Card will have a chance of dropping from the Event Shirne Boss
    • Both completed SPELL/DARK SEAL Cards will have a chance of dropping from the Event Messenger Boss
  • PVP/PVE Quests have been updated to reflect the current event. You will now have to participate in daily PVP/PVE events to acquire the tokens required to complete these missions.

  • 3 new event tokens are earned by winning different types of events (NKE, NKE, Domination Event etc)

    • Nation Victory Token
    • Symbol Event Token
    • Domination Event Token

Introducing the new Artificial Map chain to bring back some of the old, but gold nostalgic maps!

  • Added a series of warps to construct a new artificial map chain:
    Event Map Neutral -> Reynard Beach -> Alioth -> Bark City -> Barren Land -> Tylent Jungle -> Event Map Neutral

Various events will be held in these maps to promote a distinct experience for the overarching Halloween Event. New Artificial Map-chain warps will be disabled 60 min prior to and during Mothership Wars to prevent easy victories. They, however, will not be disabled during regular SP wars to add a new dynamic to how they play out.

New Map Specific Events

The new maps in this Halloween Event will feature their own types of PVP events. The rewards for winning/losing in every type of event have been adjusted to encourage participation.

  • Symbol SP war: A Strategic Point spawns in Malformed Atlantis (ANI/BCU) and will mostly play out like a regular SP war.

  • Double Shirne Event: Nation specific Shirnes spawn in Malformed Atlantis (Neutral). Both nations will race to kill the opposing nation's Shirne. Killing the opponent nation players will regenerate your nation Shirne while also damaging the enemys Shirne.

  • Domination Event: This type of event will occur in the New Artificial Map-chain with the amount of maps included, date and time of day varying from one Domination Event to the next. (Will occur at least twice a week)

  • Double SP Event: This type of event will occur in the New Artificial Map-chain and will spawn nation specific SPs.

  • SpaceBall Event: Everyone's favorite event has a newish map with reimagined graphics and adjusted play values to cater to everyone's enjoyment.

  • Removed the Cinematic effects from Spaceball event when the ball is reset

  • Removed the Cinematic effects from Spaceball event when a goal is scored

  • Fixed a bug where players would be pushed to a corner of a map when the ball resets

  • Lowered the ball height to make it easier for players to push it towards the enemy goal

  • Increased the ball speed when it resets

  • Nation Kill Event: Will now spawn in the new Artificial Map Chain.

  • Automated event spawn rates have been adjusted to ensure a better distribution

  • DECCA rewards for each aforementioned event updated to be more in line with the current change economy and meta. For more information make sure to check our Wiki.

Crystal System

  • Changed crystal parameters & happy hours
  • Crystals have been fixed and will feature new combinations for different effects
  • 1 2 5 spawns a warp
  • 2 1 4 spawns a new boss with improved drops
  • 3 5 1 spawns a Kit Shop in which you can buy high tier kits with SPI
  • 5 3 2 spawns a Hyper Card Shop in which you can buy high % Hyper Cards with SPI
  • 6 5 4 spawns a Weapon Shop in which you can buy Weapon Capsules and Ancient Weapon Remnant bundles with SPI
  • 3 6 1 activates a nation wide War Point Happy Hour
  • 6 4 3 activates a nation wide Drop/SPI Happy Hour
  • Added a new boss “Calamity” to Crystals
  • Happy hour bonuses issued by the crystal system are now shown correctly next to the system message

The idea behind reworking the crystals is to give SPI meaning and bring it back as a 1/3 of a part of a better in-game economy. Try out the new combinations to check the new boss, happy hours and shops!


  • Combat Area has been updated to a modified version of Blackburn Site

  • B-Stop behavior has been changed to prevent abuse - Added a 1 second penalty to speed and turning after B-Stop takeoff, to avoid exploits related to rapid B-Stopping

  • FFA is now 15 to 25 mins

  • Space ball's "ball" will now move towards the goal by killing the other nation in FIXED mode (only spawned by the Staff – PVP is disabled during this mode)

  • Added “Map non-dispute” hours to the Event maps where players will have 90 mins to grind with PVP disabled. Only works for ANI/BCU event maps:

  • 4:00 AM -> 5:30 AM

  • 12:00 AM -> 13:30 PM

  • 21:00 PM -> 22:30 PM

  • Slot Machine Token rewards have been reworked to provide overall higher quality and better distributed items

  • Added animated map lava and blood grounds

  • Turnaround and Back Move Mach skill animations will now show when minimum quality settings are enabled

  • The (map) event info bar now shows preparation and finished times as well

  • Improved feedback messages when brigade rename cards fail

  • Changed name of Gingerbread Wings to match their appereance

  • Change Pierce stat to 8% in Fairy of Chill defender [EVA] to mach its Def version

  • Removed all the 1H charms, stealth card and B type SP kits users would get at log in every 24H as they were not being used and only consumed inventory slots

  • Fixed a bug where map events wouldn't start properly and hang

  • Fixed a bug where the Nation Monster Event / Double SP Event would start but no monsters would spawn

  • Fixed a bug where monsters on PVP-neutral maps would not attack players

  • Fixed a bug where the monthly leader election would run endlessly every minute

  • Fixed a rare bug where monsters on a map wouldn't spawn

  • Fixed a rare crash in the launcher during the login process

  • Fixed a rare server crash related to the crystal system

  • Fixed crystal system related messages showing the wrong map names the crystals are on

  • Fixed crystal system related messages showing wrong values for happy hour bonuses

  • Fixed some spelling mistakes

  • Changed Auto Buff/Kit Sockets to be tradable

For more information about the patch check out our incredibly well made CR wiki!
https://wiki.chromerivals.net/Halloween_Event_2022 (Event page)
https://wiki.chromerivals.net/Alternative_Weapons (Weapons page)
https://wiki.chromerivals.net/Crystals (Crystal page)

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