• Fixed CRP shop glitch where items were not shown
  • Fixed Combat Area warp
  • Added map invincibility to all 3 event maps: Neutral map = 3 seconds (fixed) + 2 seconds (voidable if you shoot someone right out of the warp)
    ANI/BCU = 4 seconds (fixed) + 3 seconds (voidable if you shoot someone right out of the warp)
  • Fixed a bug where shooting the \rKyanitehail\r would result in a crash
  • Reminder that the S P E L L and dark S E A L card fragments have been reintroduced again in game for a very limited amount of time. You can drop them from Goldies (such as Flyseed, Eerie Blimp, Delipated Archer).
    While you have a chance of dropping a complete SPELL card from Primordial Shrine, whereas SPELL and/or Dark SEAL card from the much hard to kill Messenger's Curse boss in the Neutral Event Map.
  • Adjusted the amount of Ancient Weapon Remnant needed to make the Ancient Weapon Vessel
  • Adjusted the success rate to make the Ancient Weapon Vessel
  • Added Non-dispute cards to ANI/BCU map. Players between level 111-120 will now have access to 2x Non-Dispute cards at login every 24 hours and can only use them ANI/BCU Malformed Atlantis map to grind without getting attacked. Note that players between level 11-110 already had these cards prior to the patch but they have been enabled in the events maps
  • Adjusted the non-dispute HOUR from 90 mins to 60 mins to compensate for the non-dispute cards
  • Weekly PVE quest can now be shared with formation members
  • PVE missions will now count the monsters attacked by a player but finished off by another for both parties
  • Fixed a bug where "Formation recommended" text was shown on Daily PVE missions
Author Future
Published on 2022-11-16 17:33