• Removed 1% pierce from BG Air Bombing Mode and instead added 5% Advanced Min/Max
  • Added 10% Advanced Min/Max to final Ground Bombing Mode
  • Divine Mallet now have 570 Min Attack instead of 555

Note: B-Gear has remained stable, albeit a little underwhelming in some scenarios at times throughout the years. We decided to partially remove the previous abm buff to make it more fair for M-gears, while keeping and slightly improving its one shot ability against Igs, Bgs and Ags with the other buffs.

  • Removed base Pierce from Permafrost (and all of its other variants)
  • Removed base Pierce from Phoenix's Decree (and all of its other variants)
  • Reduced Phoenix's Decree's (and all of its other variants accordingly) Min and Max from 164-195 to 144-180
  • Reduced Phoenix's Decree's (and all of its other variants accordingly) Accuracy by 5%
  • Removed 5% Advanced Min/Max from IG V1 and V2 Bizarre Rapid Binder Armors
  • Added 1% Pierce to IG V1 and V2 Bizarre Rapid Binder Armors (Halloween Armors)

Note: We felt like I-gear had too much damage against every other gear-type except A-gear. Moreover, the Phoenix's Decree had too much min/max compared to the Permafrost, on top of its high accuracy, speed and induction rate. These nerfs, along with the others described below, aim to give I-Gear more survivability (IG vs multiple IG is more plausible now) in exchange for some of its damage, making its evasion more useful than it used to be and making the Phoenix's Decree more of a trade-off. The Bizarre Rapid Binder changes go along the global damage nerf on Ig vs Ig, without impacting its effect on defense builds.

  • MG engine level 34 and 35 now have no bonuses or debuffs on them, therefore MG gains 3% more Advanced Defense
  • Moved the -6% Pierce debuff on MGs from Defense up to Elevation skill
  • Added a new MG V-Attack engine (level 35). As 246 attack is required to use the engine, this allows MGs that are willing to compromise survivability to gain more attack power the chance to do so without having the option to use a hybrid build where they could have both. Creating an actual and noticable gap between the two builds
  • The new MG V-Attack engine can be made with the same shards as the IG V-Attack engine, allowing players to quickly access them
  • IG V-attack engine capsule are now a generic V-Attack Engine capsule. Opening them guarantees either a IG or MG Attack engine

Note: We felt that M-Gear had two main issues 1) Too much damage (with and without Dismeight) especially against other M-Gears and 2) Proper lack of distinction between a survival and attack M-Gear. These changes are meant to improve these two issues by providing them with a choice via the V-Attack engine, while nerfing their attack and buffing their defense on survival mode.

  • Removed 5% Pierce and Accuracy from Lightning Cascade Standard weapon (and all of its variants)

Note: The Lightning Cascade being a very versatile weapon, we felt like it was almost ignoring the Defense and Evasion a gear could have, on top of having a lot of reattack. We decided to reduce its base pierce and prob to give the defense and evasion stats a bit more effectiveness.

  • AG Grim Revival Guarder v2's (Halloween Armor) Defense is now 25.58% instead of 26.28%
  • Reduced Grim Revival Guarder v2's (and all its other variants) Pierce and Accuracy from 3.5% to 2.5%, while the Boss Armors remain untouched
  • Reduced AG final Defense up's Standard and Advanced Defense up from 18.52% to 16.52%
  • Reduced 1000 HP from AG Advanced Revival Guarder v3 (Warpoint Armor)
  • Nerfed AG Scourge of Sekhmete's Range from 1250 to 1200

Note: (We are well aware that the main issue with A-Gear cannot truly be solved with changing numbers here and there as the issue itself stems from many factors such as: 1) No counter-play, 2) In large quantity A-Gear balance is completely thrown out of the window, 3) And the recently found A-Gear wallformation abuse. We plan on working and solving all of these issues in the near future in a way that provides better counter-play and a more fun and fair experience to play against this gear type. Keeping that in mind, our goal with the changes in this patch is to provide some relief.)
We felt like the Grim Revival Guarder V2 was completely out-classing the lvl 115 boss armors. We decided to nerf it to bring it closer to its initial role, being an alternative. Other defense/survivability changes are to match the pierce nerf on Igs, while choosing not to touch A-Gear damage overall.

Overall Balance Note: We've decided to keep O.R.C.A and Dismeight inert for further testing as we want to make sure that they provide the variety that we initially had in mind. We tested all these changes over and over to make sure that everything fits our goals. But nothing is permanent and further changes can and will be made/reverted if required. We insist that our players try out these new changes and provide us with good and honest feedback.


  • Dismight is now tradable
  • Added new trails for the Marathon Winners
  • Changed the NKE, FFA, Double SP Maps Cycle
  • Completing Weekly PVP Mission now drop 40 V-Attack engine shards instead of 30
  • Adjusted lower level of MG Defense up skill to match the final version
  • Removed Marathon Zone and The tunnel wars map
  • Removed Marathon Spot shop as well as all the event equipment

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Published on 2023-07-25 04:21