ChromeRivals MARATHON Event

  • I/B/A/M Gears have 2 Advanced weapons, 1x for Accuracy and 1x for Pierce, 1 Standard Weapon, 2 Armors Pierce/Accuracy
  • All the Armors are e16, while all the Weapons are e17 but some of them have been customly tuned
  • Bark City and Infected Area (Now War City and War Area) and the main war maps for the Marathon Events duration

Balance Changes for the Marathon:

  • All Gears now have MG buffs
  • MG purify CD is 2 mins, and the restriction will be only 1 mins
  • Changed the BG 86 Engine requirements
  • Added a new IG 96 Engine, JET V-Attack (it is already e5 turning and will be given to all the IGs)
  • IGear Normal Lvl 94, 95 and 96 JET engines have a -15% advance min max bonus
  • Reduced IG Adv Evasion on Evasion up skill by 2%
  • Added 5% Adv min max to BG 86 engine

Balance Changes Outside of The Marathon:

  • Increased Divine Mallets accuracy by 2%
  • Increased Permafrosts Accuracy by 2%
  • Reduced MG Adv/std Defense up skill by 5%

__More Details on the Event will follow in #General_Information channel__

Happy Hunting!

P.S Crossfeeding of anysorts will result in severe punishment, including permanent ban.

Author Aesir
Published on 2020-12-11 00:55