ChromeRivals Second Marathon
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  • Players will be given custom and well though EP 2 related equipment - weapons, armors, engine, CPU and XXL - for 24 (or 48, depending on the situation) hours.

  • Players cannot use their usual equipment during the Marathon

  • Winners will be the top 1 players of each gear type for both nations

  • Event will initially be for 24h

  • Max Enchant E10

  • No Evasion or Defense Cards on Armor

  • No Pierce Cards on Weapon

  • No hyper cards in general

  • E0 enchanted Engines

  • Decreased Purify cool down to 3 mins

  • Decreased Purify restriction on other gears to 2 mins

  • Big boom usages is limited since the default event armors are not meant to have high enough energy

  • Contour collection shop is disabled for the Marathon to give the event a nostalgic aesthetic look

  • To promote PVP and to make it easier for every gear-type, players can only use specific attack engines and attack stat build during the Marathon

  • Recommended builds for each gear type:

    • M-Gear: (Attack:254, Defense:89, Fuel:27, Spirit:69, Evasion:15, Shield:3)
    • B-Gear: (Attack:311, Defense:84, Fuel:30, Spirit:19, Evasion:85, Shield:3)
    • A-Gear: (Attack:339, Defense:181, Fuel:21, Spirit:18, Evasion:1, Shield:64)
    • I-Gear: (Attack:337, Defense:2, Fuel:30, Spirit:16, Evasion:223, Shield:2)
  • The winners will be privy to 30 days of Custom Color Name of their choice

  • The winners will also be given:

    • 25k CRP
      • 10x E14 hyper protection cards
      • 1000000 warpoints
      • Or they can ask for something of similar value IF its permitted


  • Lowered the Season 1 quest requirement for M-Gear
  • Removed Plagued Ground (Event Map) for the duration of the Marathon

ChromeRivals Services Upgrades

Ver. - Released on 2021/05/09

Author Future
Published on 2021-05-09 20:04