Name: Needlestorm

Type: Missile

Gear Type: B-Gear

Requires Level: 115

Attack Power: (159 ~ 203) X (4 X 1)

Attack Power / s: 454.29 ~ 580

Accuracy: 103

Pierce: 2.5%

Range: 4000

Reattack Time: 1.4s

Valid Angle: 0°

Speed: 550m/s

Induction Rate: 110°/s

Explosion Radius: 0m

Weight: 310kg

Enchantable: Yes

Tradeable: Yes

Sellable: Yes

Trashable: Yes

Warehouse: Enabled

Shared Warehouse: Enabled

Brigade Warehouse: Enabled

Description: The siege weapon of the NGC Mothership which was used to obliterate planets with a hail of missiles.

Item Level Gear
Item Level Gear
Monster Level Min. Count Max. Count Drop Chance
Monster Level Min. Count Max. Count Drop Chance
Element no.1 Element no.2 Element no.3 Element no.4 Element no.5 Cost Success Rate
Reinforced Boss Trans. Card [NGC Hawk] (1x) NGC Hawky V-Final (1x) N/A N/A N/A 10000000 SPI 100%

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