Name: Eurostar IX ['27]

Gear Type: B-Gear

Requires Level: 27

Required Stats: Attack[27] Defense[27] Evasion[27]

Speed: 154m/s ~ 200m/s

Booster Speed: 460m/s

Booster Time: 12s

Turn Rate: 113.445643435903°/s

Turn Rate (Booster): 84.79775367936183°/s

Lateral Speed: 23m/s

Weight: 170kg

Enchantable: Yes

Tradeable: Yes

Sellable: Yes

Trashable: Yes

Warehouse: Enabled

Shared Warehouse: Enabled

Brigade Warehouse: Enabled

Description: 9th revision of Freeway Company's Eurostar-class engines. These engines focus on providing the ultimate in speed and accelerating performance.

Item Level Gear
Item Level Gear
Monster Level Min. Count Max. Count Drop Chance
Thor Commander 27 1 1 14.2857%
Monster Level Min. Count Max. Count Drop Chance
Element no.1 Element no.2 Element no.3 Element no.4 Element no.5 Cost Success Rate

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